Bad Weather

When The Weather Turns Bad Heavy rain, snow, ice, fog, high winds and sleet are all common conditions which can make driving extremely hazardous. Where possible driving in these conditions should be avoided, but this is not always an option, especially as bad weather can […]

Avoiding Rear-End Collisions

Watch Your Rear Rear end collisions are among the most common types of incident on the road. The main causes of rear end collisions include drivers following the vehicle in front too closely and inattentiveness. In other words, DRIVER ERROR! Drivers are most commonly rear-ended […]

Avoiding Damage While Parked

Don’t Be A Victim Of Damage Damage caused to vehicles while parked is a major problem. In some cases, drivers causing damage to parked vehicles will ‘dent and run’ leaving the victim with a damaged vehicle. This problem is escalating, with damage ranging from minor […]


Get Off To A Safe Start Accelerating is something that all drivers do but many are oblivious to the way in which they do it. In fact many probably fail to realise that there is a good deal of skill involved in safe acceleration. The […]


Learn The Basics Of ABS ABS is an abbreviation for Anti-lock Braking System. It works with the regular brakes on your vehicle and keeps your brakes from locking up when used in an emergency situation. This helps to prevent your vehicle from skidding in the […]

Seven Stages of Distraction Denial

Distracted driving constitutes a profound public health and safety crisis, contributing to a surge in road fatalities and injuries over the last two years. eDriving has partnered with renowned brain scientist, Dr. Paul Atchley, to help drivers confront the common denials keeping them locked into […]


Address Your Attitude Attitude can be defined as: ‘How you might react or behave in a specific circumstance’. Your attitude will determine everything from your approach to following distances, the speed you choose to travel at, the way you interact with other drivers, as well […]