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Distracted driving constitutes a profound public health and safety crisis, contributing to a surge in road fatalities and injuries over the last two years. eDriving has partnered with renowned brain scientist, Dr. Paul Atchley, to help drivers confront the common denials keeping them locked into life-threatening bad habits. This eBook introduces the “Seven Stages of Distraction Denial” to help companies engage their drivers in confronting and breaking their own distracted driving bad habits.

What you’ll learn:
  • The seven stages of distraction denial
  • Why being a better driver than most is not enough
  • The truth about multitasking
  • Why hands-free calls are NOT OK
  • Why your car’s technology doesn’t necessarily keep you safe
Presenter: Paul Atchley, Ph.D.
eDriving Advisor

Paul Atchley is eDriving’s award-winning Brain Scientist Advisor. Dr. Atchley has been conducting research and teaching about cognitive factors related to driving for over 25 years.

As a Professor of Psychology, he specializes in research on the real-world implications of multitasking, with decades of experience in the classroom and the laboratory and an impressive 60+ publications on cognitive processes.

Dr. Atchley wears multiple hats as an academic leader, University of Kansas faculty member, brain scientist and a highly respected, publicly recognized industry expert. He addresses distracted driving from multiple perspectives and is working to communicate this expertise publicly so that it can accelerate positive change.

His work efforts to reduce distracted driving have been highlighted by national and international press such as NPR and the New York Times.

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