Eco – Driving

Ready, Set, Go Green Eco-driving is a method of driving which reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. By encouraging drivers to improve their behaviour on the road, eco-driving can also lead to a reduction in crashes. Eco-driving does not require drivers to make any […]

Driving At Night

Open Your Eyes To The Dark Driving at night is much more challenging than driving in the day. It is more difficult to see in the dark, and therefore it is more difficult to spot hazards at night. For this reason, it is particularly important […]

Distracted Driving

Are You Paying Attention? Driving is a skill which requires full concentration, alertness and attention. The road environment can change in an instant and in order to react safely you need to be fully aware of what is happening around you at all times. Driving […]

Defensive Driving

Defend Yourself On The Road Defensive driving is a style of driving which can help you to keep away from problems on the road. A defensive driver does not just concentrate on his or her own actions, but also concentrates on the actions of other […]

Cruise Control

Before You Cruise Cruise control is a system installed in some vehicles which automatically controls the vehicle’s speed. The driver is able to set a required speed at which the vehicle takes over the acceleration of the vehicle until the driver brakes or cancels the […]

Country Driving

Wise Up On Country Roads Drivers don’t always realise how dangerous country roads can be and often think it is safe to drive faster on rural roads. Yet statistically the worst crashes, which result in death or life changing injury, are more likely to occur […]


Learn How To Drive Yourself Round The Bends While cornering may seem like a simple action that you don’t have to think about there is actually a great deal of skill involved in cornering safely. Cornering should be considered as part of the ABCs of […]

Controlling Emotions

Are You In Control? An emotion is a temporary state of mind which can affect a person’s behaviour. Emotions can be triggered in a number of ways. For example, a person may be scared by a frightening situation; may be upset after hearing bad news; […]


Before You Start – Learn To Stop Braking is one of the BASIC elements of safe driving – and one of the most important. Getting it wrong can lead to all kinds of dangerous situations, such as: Skidding. Loss of control. Rear-end collisions. There are […]

Blind Spots

Open Your Eyes To Blind Spots Blind spots are areas that drivers cannot see by looking through their windows or mirrors. Failure to check blind spots can lead to collisions, injuries and fatalities. Help reduce your risk of being involved in a blind spot incident […]