Pumping Petrol

Get To Grips With The Petrol Pump The price of fuel is constantly on the increase and drivers are continually looking for more and more ways of improving the efficiency of their driving. There are a number of useful steps drivers can take such as […]

Personal Security

Your Safety Is Paramount All drivers should be aware of the potential dangers facing them while driving. Would-be thieves are ready to strike in a number of situations and it is important for drivers to be on their guard and prepared for such incidents. There […]

Lane Changing

Before You Make A Move Lane changes might appear to be quite simple maneuvers, but can actually be one of the most dangerous if not done correctly. Changing lanes usually means merging into other traffic travelling in the same direction. There are many factors to […]

Journey Planning

Before You Make A Move – Make A Plan Journey planning is about avoiding unnecessary journeys, considering the many forms of transport available and planning the most appropriate route. Before any journey you should ask yourself whether the journey is really necessary as cutting down […]


Get It Right At Intersections Intersections (or ‘junctions’) are among the most hazardous places on the road and a common location for crashes. Collisions at intersections usually occur when a driver fails to stop, fails to check properly before pulling onto a highway, fails to […]

Highway Driving

Drive The Right Way For The Highway Highways are very different to most other roads and require different skills from a driver. Highways are generally much faster than inner city and country roads and because of this there is less time to react to hazards. […]

Head – On Collisions

Look Ahead A head-on collision is one in which the front end of 2 vehicles collide. Fatalities occur frequently in this type of collision, mainly due to the fact that the impact speed is a combination of the speed of both vehicles. In other words […]


Open Your Eyes To Fatigue Driver fatigue refers to driving while tired, sleepy or drowsy. Drivers who are fatigued are likely to have slower reaction times, reduced vigilance and difficulty processing information. In extreme cases fatigue can cause a driver to fall into a ‘micro […]

Escape Routes

Have An Escape Plan An escape route is a ‘back-up’ route that a driver can take in case of a dangerous situation on the road. It is a PREVIOUSLY CONSIDERED route away from danger – not an unplanned last minute action to avoid a collision. […]


Are You Sitting Comfortably? The science of ergonomics draws upon human biology, psychology, engineering and design to create environments in which people are able to work better and have a lower chance of injuring themselves. Using the same techniques, driver ergonomics relates to the space […]